Avant-garde arts radio station Resonance FM today announce the air date and time for episode one of their new flagship black comedy drama “Mirth Defect”.


On record, Stewart Lee’s favourite station.

Enthused with the chance to broadcast experimental drama, a source close to the London based station said, “There are nine words that should never be broadcast on the airwaves, ‘fuck’ is one of them. But every eight year old knows the word ‘fuck’. If we bleeped the profanity out it would take something away from the show. We’ll probably leave it in.”

London audiences will be able to hear the eagerly awaited broadcast before online listeners ‘tune in’ to the podcast, which will be downloadable 48 hours later. The show airs on 104.4FM and DAB and will be listenable everywhere inside the M25 at 10pm GMT on Tuesday 26th July. The seriously curious can pick the show up anywhere in the world on Resonance FM’s live stream, available here,  as it broadcasts on fm.


Artists in action in Studio 1.

A trailer featuring a sketch from Mirth Defect Episode 1 is available now on Itunes, Facebook and the Mirth Defect website.

The show, which makes light of drugs, death, health issues, child abuse, religion and politics is set to upset some more conservative listeners. In light of this the Mirth Defect team has set up a complaints department.

Mirth Defect writer and director Joseph Tucker had this to say about the show, “I love radio and I love drama and couldn’t find the type of show I want to hear out there. Weird twisted stuff that’s peppered with real life. Who doesn’t want to hear about a man whose doctor finds a scroll in his anal abscess?”

mirth defect rain

Mirth Defect’s iconic, stolen, logo.

Preliminary criticism has already proved positive, with the widely regarded Audio Drama Production Podcast hailing it as “Hilarious and surreal” in their most recent episode (21 minutes).

Mirth Defect is released in the last week of every month and is 30 minutes long. You can subscribe to the RSS feed now, here.

Check out Mirth Defect’s show trailer below.